22/11/2017 - Wednesday Daily Notices
Coaches/Umpires/RefsMiss Hale
If you have coached/umpired or refereed any sports teams this year, please come and see me today to get your name down. If I'm not in my office - write your details on my whiteboard. Thanks!
SailingMiss Hale
If you are attending the Sailing regatta tomorrow, could you please see me today - thanks!
Scooters and bikesMiss England
These are now ALL to be stored around back of TECH. The first racks are there now - the other racks are being moved today. If you have placed your bike in the normal place, please ask your teachers permission to move it now.
Tomorrow, any bikes or scooters seen in any other part of the school after 8:45 will be confiscated.
Mrs Lander's spelling group Block 3 first halfLander
Rm 16 Aimee, Charlotte and Zayn
Rm 15 Kobe
Please bring a pen.
Mrs Lander's spelling Group - 2nd half block 3 (11:40)Lander
Rm 8 Michelle, Rm 13 Sunny, Rm 17 Jiwon, Rm 43 Laura, Rm 44 Tania, Rm 47 Youcheng.
Please bring your pen.
VolleyballMr Hartell
The following Year 7 students are playing the Auckland Volleyball Champs in the gym today. Can they be in PE gear and in the gym by 9.30 am please
Name Class
Anastasiia Guskova 15
Jayah Lee 13
Victoria Lane 16
Maddy Yee-Joy 15
Ainsley Stace 7
Nadja Kumerich 15
Paige Drake 16
Roxanne Lockhart 15
Kasey McDowall 55

Many thanks
Block 5 Dance- In the GYM todayMrs Pickford
All block 5 dancers please meet in the GYM in your PE gear at 2pm.
After school danceMrs Pickford
After school dance is on in the PAC today. See you there at 3:15pm
Vanuatu 2018 parent information evening Mr Timmis
All students who are going to Vanuatu next year, please remind your parents that the information evening is this Thursday, 6pm in the staff room.
Mrs Lander's spelling Group - 2nd half block 3 (11:40)Lander
Rm 8 Michelle, Rm 13 Sunny, Rm 17 Jiwon, Rm 43 Laura, Rm 44 Tania, Rm 47 Youcheng.
Please bring your pen.
ESOL Room 58Mrs Thomas
Whales group block 1 - please bring your device to your lesson today.
Fundraiser for Leavuaa!Mr Washer
Bula Vinaka! If you have items to donate for the small village of Leavuaa, please bring them over to Room 53 whenever it suits! If I am not here then just put them on one of my couches! Thanks so, so much to all those who have donated so far! We are building quite a big pile! Cheers!
Neverland WorkshopMiss Walters
If your name is below please meet me in TC2 at morning tea today! You have been specially selected to participate in an exciting workshop on Thursday!

Lucy Carr
Olive Mortimer
Luna Schmitt
Danielle Ogden
Yeonsun Choi
Caitlin Price
Yeonjee Choi
Lauren Agar
Anna Gorbey
Katja Streibel
Skye Rolleston
Jessica Thompson
Vanessa Gower
Maddie Brock
Daniel Stanger
Zachary Strong
Dylan Blackburn
Milan Ion
Jack Murray
Luke Hart
Amelia Stace
Maycee Rivers
Andrew Davey
Michael Read- Percival
Emily Trigger
Riley Cooper
Ryan Jefferson
Alice Hwang
Jessica Hwang
Elisha Liu
Hajoo Choi
Scarlett Dickenson
Alaska Smidt
Rachel Mathers
Cara Loughran
Kyla Mountfort
Kate McIntosh
Rosie Monckton
Amy Jones
Mollie Lei
Breanna Wharemate
Eva Campbell-Lotonuu
Kayli Lange
Nataliya Handrick-Adolph