26/09/2018 - Wednesday Daily Notices
After school drama today, 3.15.Mr Jensen
No message
Mini productionMr Jensen
Not today. We will resume rehearsals in term 4.
Student Leaders 2018Mr Washer
Kia ora team! ALL Blazers to be returned to the Resource Room by Friday please! Also, wash anything you need to as per the instructions I sent you earlier in the year. I'll do a check on Thursday! Cheers!
Touch 2018!Mr Washer
Kia ora! GIRLS-Team Lists will be up by LT today if I get a chance to see who has/has not paid fees yet. Otherwise it will be before school tomorrow morning.
BOYS-Trials continue today after school, 3:15pm-5:30pm. (Weather permitting; I'll make a call before 3pm.) Hopefully you have packed some warm/waterproof gear for this afternoon as per advice at trials on Monday and notices yesterday. NO SCHOOL SWEATSHIRTS down there! Drink bottle and touch boots needed.
FEES-were supposed to be paid by last Monday! I am doing my final check today (hopefully). After today if fees are not paid then I will be assuming you are no longer playing! Cheers and thanks for all your efforts at trials!
Badminton Zone Day Trails. - Call backs today. Mr Wyatt
If you made it through the first round of trails, call backs are today straight after lunch eating in the gym.
Girls - Your teachers have been emailed the list of students who made it through to the second round of trails.
Boys - You were told on Monday if you made it through to the second round of trails.
Catch up workshopMr HartCrombie
Catch up workshop in Mr.H-C's room at 1.10 pm today. Racing on Friday.
Are We there Yet? Library Block 5Mrs Clements
See you in Block 5 to continue with Exhibition prep.

Mrs C
ESOL lessons - Mrs.ThomasMrs Thomas
ESOL lessons today: Bring your device and earphones
Block 1: Marshmallows
Block 2: Minties
Block 3: Jaffas
Block 4: Jelly beans
NX Pasifika Language MonthMr King
Bula! Yadra! Today is Day Tolu (3) of our final week of Pasifika Language Month and we are focusing on the Fijian Language. A few facts; Fiji is made up of a collection of 333 islands and in the 2016 Summer Olympics, the Fiji 7’s rugby team won their country’s first ever Olympic Gold Medal. Our words of the day are “Bula” (hello), “Yadra” (good morning) and “Vinaka” (thank you). So try using some of these words today. Vinaka.
Indoor Football Points and DrawMr Toohill
The points table for this term is attached. I will have the draw out for Friday by lunchtime. Please check the website after lunch today.

2018 Indoor Soccer points T3 4 x 7.pdf
BadmintonMrs Hemme
Girls games this afternoon: All teams have games! Prize giving after for top teams from around 5:30.
Boys teams only the A grade have games tomorrow. B grade has finished but you are also invited to the prize giving. All games Forrest Hill this week.
AIMS BadgesMiss Volmuller
See me today if you don't have your badges yet!
Team and Group PhotosMr Toohill
REMINDER: Team and group photos are on week 1 of Term 4 - that is the week after the holidays. I have attached the timetable so please check to see if you are expected in any team photos. The timetable will also be on the school website. Cheers

Skateboarding Club - term 4Mr Hayden
NX Skateboarding Club is on next term! If you are keen as a bean - its freeeee!! - please:
1. Fill in this form and
2. Pick up a permission slip from the office.
Hangi Vouchers. International StudentsMrs Hines
Hi, don't forget to pick up your $5 Hangi voucher from Mrs Inger or Mrs Hines in the office
Lost PropertyMrs Greentree
If you have lost any small possession please come to the office. Thank you
Sports Class 2019Mr Washer
Kia ora! If you are intending on applying for the Sports Class in 2019 everything is now up on the School Website. Click on ‘Learning at Northcross’ (drop down box at the top of the home page) and then click on ‘Learning Environments’. Scroll down to Sports Class. Firstly, complete the Google Registration Form (read all the info first) and then you can plug away on your CV/Resume! Cheers!
Mrs Lander's ESOL groups today.Lander
Block 1: Yr 8 writing group
Block 3: Yr 7 writing group
Block 4: Jandals
Block 5: ESOL SPORTS cancelled today.
Don't forget your headphones and devices.
Cardboard BoxesMr Rowlinson
Kia ora!
I would like to collect as many large cardboard boxes as possible this week please. If you could bring one or two in I would be very grateful! Please could you try to make sure that the cardboard is not all bashed
Girls lunch room open in Room 46 Mrs Lloyd
1.10 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
B5 Performance Dance with Miss Grant...Miss Grant
....sorry, this is not on today. There is no extra practice for Thursday's B5 dance competition as well.
Dance SportMiss Grant
Practice reminder: Thursday morning, 7.30am in the PAC.
Vanuatu 2018 meeting todayMr Timmis
Last chance to come and see me today in block 5, Room 56. Don't miss out on helping yourself and others.