17/10/2017 - Tuesday Daily Notices
ProductionMr Jensen
All day today in the PAC.
See you after your class roll has been taken
Kapa hakaMr Jensen
Meet in the drama room at morning tea please
Table Tennis Term 4 Afterschool LeagueMiss Hale
If you are keen to continue or to start playing in the Table Tennis Term 4 Afterschool League, register on the Online Shop by tomorrow. The competition takes place on Wednesday afternoons from 5pm-7pm at NH Table Tennis Stadium.
Morning lads! Urgent meeting in Room 7 at Interval! Please ALL be there! Cheers! Mr Hohaia
NX Media Works (Radio/website)Mr Hartell
We will have a meeting at lunchtime today to sort out roster for this term. See you all in Rm 20 after lunch eating
NX Broncoz Touch TeamMr Hartell
We will have a short meeting at morning interval in Rm 20 to sort out training times. See you all there (or let me know you can't make it).
Amazing travel opportunity for year 7 students.Mr Timmis
Calling all year 7 students with a spirit of adventure and a love of travel. Next year, a small group of twenty NX students and a couple of teachers will be travelling to the beautiful island of Vanuatu!!! We will be experiencing life on a tropical island, exploring the wildlife, culture and people. If you are interested, talk to you parents first as there is a cost involved. There will be a meeting during Friday lunchtime this week for all those who are interested. Stay tuned for more information.
Beach Volleyball League Opportunity!Miss Chow
There is an exciting Beach Volleyball League Opportunity available for Intermediate students in Term 4! This will be held on Wednesdays from 4-6pm at the Mairangi Bay Beach Volleyball Centre. This is a 4-a-side league, mixed teams are allowed. You are encouraged to have up to 6 players on your team. Absolutely no experience necessary! Come and give this exciting sport a go!! If you are interested, please visit the North Harbour Volleyball website or check out the notices on the Student Notice Board.
Orienteering Rogaine EventMrs Fenton
Can all students going orienteering tomorrow please come to the Gym at Interval today for a quick meeting. Please note the change of venue. It is the Gym not the PAC!
Thanks, see you there
Team and Group PhotosMr Toohill
If you are in a sports team or part of a cultural or academic group please be aware that your team or group photos may be taking place on Monday and Tuesday the 30 and 31 of October (not next week but the week after). A schedule will be out next week. If you are in lots of teams or groups it will be important that keep a note of when your photos. More info to come. Cheers.
Tuesday mini block group with Mrs B is postponed to next weekMrs Barrowcliffe
Due to X week and production.
Yearbook Class PagesMr Toohill
For those working on class pages I have booked out the IT Room block 3 today if you have your teacher's permission to work on pages you can use the computers at this time.
Hard Materials ExtensionMr HartCrombie
The following extension are on this week. Silver sword Tuesday, Maori Boys pendants and ramps on Friday.
Highlanderz Touch Team Miss Lal
No training on Wednesday lunchtime this week - it will be on Thursday instead. Thank you to the 3 students who came to the meeting yesterday. Quick meeting in Room 16 at Morning Tea TODAY. Please see me if you can't make it.
Code ClubMrs Godfrey
It is on today - block 5 in the IT room. Thanks
NX Skateboarding ClubMr Hayden
Attention NX Skateboarders!! Our legendary Skateboarding Club is kicking off next week. Anyone interested - sorry, only skateboarders - pick up a notice/ permission slip from the office or off my desk in Room 50. Looking forward to it!!
Room 50Mr Hayden
Attention NX Skateboarders - Our Skateboarding Club is kicking off next week. Anyone interested - sorry, only skateboarders - pick up a notice/ permission slip from the office or off my desk in Room 50. Looking forward to it!!
NX Cheifz Touch TeamMrs Haslam
Hi ladies, please meet in room 31 at lunchtime today for a meeting, we have our first game this Thursday.
Thanks Mrs Haslam
Rm 59 ESOL groups todayMrs Edington
Hi there,
Attendance wasn't great on Monday. Not sure why. Please make sure that you're on time today. Bring your device, headphones & charger; pencil case & homework book. Looking forward to seeing you.
Mrs E

R7 | To|Sarah Yoo
R8 | To|Linda Sun
R33|Ni|Eric Chang
R41|Ri|Elena Kim
R42|Ri|Zelly Steyn
R42|Ri|Luka Gjorgievkj
R47|Pu|Alex Dong
R48|Ko|Deone Faddel

R.20|Kau|Jessica Hwang
R.20|Kau|Celine Bourbon
R.40|Kau| Heyam Mourad
R.47|Pu|Laura Choi
R.48|Ko|Jason Li
R.48|Ko|Millie Kim
R.33|Ni|Bill Yin
R.33|Ni|Tom Rong
R.32|Ni|Sam Lee

R.11|Pu|Jin Na
R.47|Pu|Mark Chan
R.51|Ra|James Xu
R.51|Ra|Cayleigh Fourie
R.31|Ni|Jiho Jang
R.33|Ni|Fong Kim-An
R.33|Ni|Joseph Boon
R.15|Ma|Wonjun Cho
R.8|To|Clerise DuPreez

R.7|To|Jin Lee
R.16|Ma|Ralph Konig
R.19|Ko|Evan Gao
R.20|Kau|Jubin Jung
R.22|Kau|Alex Park
R.35|Ni|Taiga Kato
R.33|Ni|Minyu Park
R.43|Ri|Elena Kim
R.44|Ri|Dennis Yan
R.41|Ri|Ynigo Roquid
R.52|Ra|Yarik Mairov
I will be selling tickets in the Resource Room before school, at INTERVAL and lunchtime every day this week. Remember, cash or cheque only, please.
Mrs Lander's Writing group - Block 2Lander
()Rm 15 - Isaac Billet
Rm 50 - Kate, Jesse, Kalon, CJ and Barron.
See you in block 2 -
Don't forget paper and pen/ pencil.
Converse ShoesMrs Dean
Yesterday someone took the wrong shoes from the library after lunch. Someone is wearing a pair of Converse shoes with the name 'Georgia' written on the inside. If you wear Converse shoes please check inside. If you find them they can be swapped for the correct pair at the office. Thanks
ESOL Room 58Mrs Thomas
No lessons today and tomorrow due to testing of new students.
Thresherz Touch team - Meeting Room 9 Morning Tea todayMr Palmer
I expect all team members to be at my room today at morning tea to meet me and the team members. I will be away for both the game and practice this week.
See you there!
ProductionMr Jensen
See you in the PAC at 9.05 ready for a days rehearsal